George Soros Nazi Collaborator?




In the interview, George Soros openly discussed how as a teenager in Nazi occupied Hungry, he assisted in the confiscation of property from Jewish people.    George Soros went on to describe these formative years as “the happiest time of my life”.  This can be seen in the video below:

Over the last few years we have routinely heard the name George Soros as a top financial backer of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and groups such as, Black Lives Matter, Media Matters, and the Open Society Foundation.[1]    In politics, money is power.  This is why in a free society it is important for the public to have access to information not only on “elected” officials, but also information on the financial backers behind the scenes.   Many would argue that it is actually the financial backers who hold the greatest power.

                George Soros is a Jewish man, born in Budapest, Hungry in 1930.[2]  Soros remained in the country between the ages of 9-14 years old under Nazi occupation during World War II.   Soros was successful in surviving the Holocaust by posing as a Christian and assisting in the roundup and confiscation of Jewish property for the Nazi Regime.[3]  Below, is a video clip of an interview George Soros gave to 60 minutes in 1998: